MDS Court image
Welcome to MDS Court, a contemporary residential block nestled within the opulent Queens Drive axis of Ikoyi, Nigeria's real estate Mecca. Embodying simple elegance, this architectural marvel seamlessly blends with the landscape of modern abodes, creating a truly timeless masterpiece.
With a clean and sincere facade, MDS Court commemorates its inherent simplicity, celebrating the essence of understated luxury. Discover the pinnacle of refined living in the prestigious neighborhood of Ikoyi, where elegance meets opulence at MDS Court.
Location: 20b Adeyemi Lawson Street, Ikoyi
Year: 2017
Client: Alh. M. D. Abubakar
Type: Residential
Built-up area: 3580 sqm


MDS Court - Timeless Elegance in Ikoyi's Opulent Queens Drive Axis