Design Protocol

Design Protocol is a regional sustainable real estate development and construction company. Our dedicated team of experts delivers exceptional projects from conception to completion, specializing in high-quality residential, commercial, and mixed-use developments. With a proven track record in project delivery, we aim to realize capital gains and income for ourselves and our venture partners through strategic acquisition, management, and construction of real estate.

With our sales team attuned to the pulse of the Nigerian and international real estate market, we extend our reach to targeted demographics in Nigeria, the UK, Mainland Europe, and North America. Our passion, talent, attention to detail, and unwavering commitment to client service ensure that we add value to every project we undertake.

At Design Protocol, we are driven by a vision of creating exceptional and sustainable real estate solutions for the premium market. Join us as we shape the future of real estate development, delivering outstanding living spaces and profitable investments.

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Our Commitment

Design Protocol has the primary aim to consistently provide timely, effective, and sustainable projects that exceed our client's expectations. We prioritize maintaining excellent relationships with our stakeholders by delivering quality projects.

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Our Vision

To achieve enduring value, continuous innovation, sustainability, and energy efficiency in the real estate development and allied services sector, with a quantifiable positive impact on our natural environment and social economy while being guided by our core principles of quality, service, creativity, leadership, and integrity.

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Our Promise

Our structured and dedicated team of experts will meticulously oversee every aspect of your project's life cycle. We understand that a successful execution can only be guaranteed with a full understanding of your unique needs and requirements. From initiation to completion, we are committed to providing comprehensive project oversight to ensure exceptional outcomes.

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Our Mission

Developing exceptional and sustainable real estate solutions for the premium market. 


HSE policy

At Design Protocol, we are committed to upholding the highest standards of Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) in all our operations. HSE is integral to our business, encompassing the protection of human health, ensuring a safe work environment, and minimizing our environmental impact.




We prioritize the well-being and health of our employees, contractors, and stakeholders. We implement robust safety measures, provide comprehensive training, and promote a culture of safety awareness to prevent accidents and ensure the physical and mental well-being of our workforce.




We are dedicated to creating a safe and secure work environment. Our HSE policy ensures compliance with relevant regulations and standards. We continuously identify and mitigate potential risks, conduct regular safety audits, and foster a culture of proactive hazard reporting and response.




We recognize our responsibility to minimize our environmental impact. Through sustainable practices, energy-efficient technologies, and waste-reduction strategies, we strive to protect and preserve the natural environment. We are committed to complying with environmental regulations and promoting conservation efforts.


By adhering to our comprehensive HSE policy, we aim to not only meet legal and regulatory requirements but also demonstrate our unwavering commitment to responsible operations. We continuously improve our HSE performance, empowering our employees to actively participate in identifying and addressing potential hazards. At Design Protocol, we believe that a strong HSE focus is crucial for achieving operational excellence and maintaining the trust and confidence of our stakeholders.