Watch the Empower MD Project with Chimamanda Isiakpona[Full Video] Image

Watch the Empower MD Project with Chimamanda Isiakpona[Full Video]

Edition #1
The first edition of the EmpowerMD project will feature Chimamanda Isiakpona.
Chimamanda Zara Isio Isiakpona, (born January 10, 2014, Lagos, Nigeria), is one of a set of twin girls who have been breaking boundaries and winning against all odds since birth.

She is an energetic child who loves to know how things work and how they come about. A multi-talented young lady, some of her favourite activities are dancing, karaoke, playing the piano, swimming, cooking, reading, drawing, painting, playing video games and doing research.

At a very young age, Chimamanda developed a love for design and a keen eye for detail. At the age of 5, she designed her first set of fashion pieces which her mother, made into actual dresses and sold on her behalf. This love for design has gradually extended to building and interior design. In 2023, Chimamanda began sketching building layouts as she learnt more about building types and design.

Chimamanda speaks English fluently and is a two-time Spelling Bee champion. She has won medals in sports, specifically in athletics and swimming. Chimamanda is also a budding gymnast. She continues to work with some of the best coaches in these sports fields to hone her skills.

A rare gem who knows she is being educated to make the world a better place, Chimamanda is set to do just that through her expressive designs and other endeavours. She resides in Lagos, Nigeria with her mother and twin sister.

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